[PART 2] Worship Leading: 10 Common (but Avoidable) Mistakes

Worship Leading: 10 Common (but Avoidable) Mistakes (Part Two)

by Justin Aldridge

As a follow-up to Part One of Worship Leading: 10 Common (but Avoidable) Mistakes, many of our subscribers had shared concerns that they wanted to see addressed. We listened.

So, here is Part Two of 10 Common (but Avoidable) Worship Leader Mistakes

6.      Showing Favoritism. Are you a worship leader who disciplines certain team members for being late, while allowing others to show up whenever they want to? Do you publicly correct some for their mistakes, while turning a blind eye to the mistakes of others? If you’re a worship leader who wants to shine a spotlight on your lack of leadership ability, then by all means, show partiality. But be warned: when you play favorites, everyone knows it—those who are hurt by your bias, your star pupils, your Pastor, and most importantly, God.

7.      Failing to take Responsibility. Forgetting lyrics. Running late. Refusing to retire a song that just doesn’t work at your church. Whenever you have a blunder that affects your team, are you quick to acknowledge your mistake, or do you pretend that others didn’t notice? In extreme cases, we’ve even heard of some worship leaders who, when they err, they actually first look to blame others. Wow! Not a good look. If you want your team’s respect and loyalty, own up to your mistakes. Everyone knows you’re human. Can you admit it?

8.      Doing Too Much. When we see worship leaders who always seem to be stressed, we can often attribute it to their lack of delegation. Delegating responsibilities shows that you trust those around you. Not delegating (and taking on every project by yourself) either says that you don’t trust them, or that you want all of the credit.  When you delegate, you’re consequently developing leaders under you, allowing you to FOCUS on your more important duties.

9.      Lack of Knowledge about Creating a Solid Set List. Compiling a list of five or so songs that sound good to you doesn’t constitute a good set list. If you’ve never sought help or read articles to gain formal knowledge on how to build a set list, I’m sorry, but you’re asking to fail. God tells us in Hosea 4:6 “For My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge.” With knowledge comes competence. With competence comes supporter loyalty. (See our articles on Worship Set List Building Part One & Part Two.)

10.    Not Getting Your Heart Right Before the Service. A musician called in sick. The overheads operator is new. Your soundman can’t seem to find “that annoying hum”.  This is a typical worship leader’s Sunday…stressful. But for everything you're doing, who is it all about? Jesus. Who gives you power and anointing? The Holy Spirit. Of everything you do as a worship leader, make sure your heart is right before God prior to the service start.

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