Worship Butthead: The End.

Worship Butthead: The End.

by…well…let’s just say, “Anonymous”

Two years ago today, I started a twitter account: The Worship Butthead. Today, with 800+ followers, this is my last post. So, who exactly is the Worship Butthead? Who am I? Why am I ending the posts?

Who The Worship Butthead is.

The Worship Butthead (“WB” from here on out) was simply created to bring some lightheartedness and humor to the frustrations that naturally occur within a worship team. Those of us who have been on a worship team all know the guy who feels that his time, skill, and opinions are of the utmost importance. Pretentious, obnoxious, prideful, impatient, and even a little angry, are just a handful of the adjectives that could be used to describe him. To the few (and I do mean few) who know the real me, they often assume that WB is my alter-ego. The fact is, he’s not. He’s…well…kinda who I used to be…but on steroids (prior to me having a major spiritual transformation).

Who am I?

As you might guess, I’m a guitarist on my church’s worship team. I’m also a former professional musician, and a church consultant and writer for Innovative Church & Worship Consulting. As for my name, we at ICWC don’t believe who we are is as important as who He (God) is (which is why we’ve chosen not to include proper names and pictures of staff on our website).

So Why am I 86ing The Worship Butthead?

I teach a class at my church on Tuesday nights called Christian Boot Camp, where I teach Christians to behave like…well…like Christ. I’m currently teaching a 3-week series from John Bevere’s book, Driven by Eternity (outside of the Bible, this is the best, most informative and eye-opening book I’ve ever read). In the book, Bevere brings to life Jesus’ words in Matthew 12:36-37 “And I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak. The words you say will either acquit you or condemn you.” Did you hear what Jesus said? “…EVERY idle word you speak.” One translation says, “…every careless word you speak.” Another says, “every useless word”. And who speaks more idle, careless, and useless words than WB?

Isn’t This a Little Extreme?

While I’m the essayist of WB, more importantly, I’m a follower of Jesus; my true identity. I quote Jesus’ words in John 14:23 to the students of Christian Boot Camp almost weekly: “Those who love Me obey Me.” I love Jesus—and I want to obey Him. I don’t really think the words of the Butthead are going to send me to hell; so I’m not ending the posts for fear of anything extreme, like eternal damnation. I’m ending the posts because, as a follower of Jesus, I’ve died to (my)self, and it’s not I who live, but He who lives in me. So, if He doesn’t want me to speak idle, careless and useless words anymore, I’m done. Butthead out.

(For now, I plan on keeping the WB Twitter account active...wouldn't want someone with not so good intentions taking it over.)