The Church’s New Front Door

The Church’s New Front Door

In the 20th century, if someone was looking for a potential church to attend, they would have to go to their thick, encyclopedia-esque phonebook, call the church, ask about service times, and physically go to, and attend the church to see if there was even a possible “fit”. But in the 21st century, most potential visitors will first check a church’s website…The Church’s New Front Door. In an era when more people than not pay their bills online, search for restaurants online, and even shop for clothes online, they also shop for churches online. It allows them to look for peer groups, like-doctrine, and listen to church teachings. Since the advent of the internet, as they say, “We’ve come a long way, baby.”


Quick! Go to your church’s website and answer these five questions:

  1. Is it mobile-friendly?
  2. Can I find the church's address in 10 seconds (or less)?
  3. Are audio teachings available?
  4. Can you give (financially) online within 30 seconds?
  5. Are your church's social media links easy to find?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this is a wake-up call to join us in the 21st century.

Could Your Church Website Be Keeping Visitors Away?

We recently visited over 250 church websites. Here are our findings:

  • 38% of the websites we visited weren't mobile-friendly.
  • 61% had either outdated audio teaching, or no teachings at all.
  • 22% have no option for financial giving.
  • 79% don't reference the church's social media links.
  • 4% of the church websites were completely shut down.

Believe it or not, 3% of these church websites didn’t even post the address of their church.

To be clear, we are representatives and ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. In His royal kingdom, would you guess things would ever be outdated, confusing, or ambiguous? Of course not. So shouldn’t we, as the church, strive for excellence in how we present the church—His church?

What Your Church Website Should Include…

A Welcome Greeting. If we have greeters at our actual front door, shouldn’t we have a greeter at our virtual front door? A 60-second welcome video by the Pastor is ideal.

Easy-To-Find Address. This should be listed under the Contact tab of your site, and at the bottom of each web page. Oh…and make sure your church’s service times (including your mid-week service) are posted and easy to find.

Social Media Links. People who are searching for a church want to know what your church is saying to the world. One way is to review our social media postings.

Audio Teachings. Anyone looking for a church wants to know if the church’s teachings are in line with their own beliefs. Audio teachings are a great way for visitors to get an idea of what your church believes.

A Brief Statement of Faith. While we believe the whole bible, there’s no reason to (seemingly) post the entire bible in your statement of faith. A short and concise explanation of what you believe (complete with scripture references) should suffice (no less than 5 points and no more than 10).

Online Giving. Today, many millennials are attending church solely online. So if we provide an option for giving at our physical church, why wouldn’t we provide an option to give from the virtual church?

A Few Pictures of Your Members. People want to know about your church’s demographic. Is it a church primarily of seniors, millennials, or a mix? Is the children’s ministry well-attended? What’s the standard attire? Are the people of this church having fun?

If This All Seems Overwhelming…

If this all seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. Most churches don’t have the personnel to design a website that adequately attracts visitors to your church. That’s where we come in. We can design or update your website, and even show you how to add your own future updates. (For more information, visit our Visibility page, or contact us at

If your church needs a Website Refresh, Contact ICWC today.

We love to help churches!