Your Church Facilities: Are you saying, “We Care” or “Go Away”?

Many congregants and church leaders don’t like to hear the phrase, “The church is a business.” The reason is, this phrase tends to conjure up ideas of capitalism and profiteering. But while an organization like the church is a Not-For-Profit, it should also function as a Not-For-Loss. So to keep from operating in the red, a church must value each member and visitor just as a secular business would value its customers. 

For example, let's say you walked into a deli; placed your order, and while waiting, you decided to visit their restroom. You would expect clean toilets, a sink that dispensed both hot and cold water, and ample paper towels (or hand-drying equivalent), right? But you’d be surprised how many churches these days put little or no care into their restrooms. And if you were considering a particular daycare for your 2-year-old, would you agree to let them watch your child day after day, knowing that many of the toys were choking hazards for a toddler? Again, you’d be surprised—and even shocked to know of the many church nurseries that are in possession of such toys. And if you walked up to—what you thought was the front door to a new movie theater; only to find that this wasn’t the main entrance (even though it’s located in the front-center of the building), wouldn’t you be a little put off? But we see these and worse practices in churches all-too-often.

Your visitors deserve better. They deserve to have sufficient parking, clear signage directing them to the church sanctuary, and chairs to sit in that don’t wobble. Romans 12:10 tells us that we should, “Outdo one another in showing honor.” 

Sure, just like most organizations, businesses, or even in our homes, there is always something that needs to be fixed. But if your visitors are met with problem after problem in their first visit, it’s simply not a good look. A little maintenance (and common sense) can go a long way. It also communicates care. And one thing is for sure: if your church doesn’t show your visitors that you care, they’ll look for a church that does.