2017: A Prophetic Word for the Church


2017: A Prophetic Word for the Church

by Jonathan Jenkins, Senior Writer

I’ve felt in my Spirit that as 2016 comes to a close, the Lord wants to bring both encouragement and admonition to His people for 2017. Here’s what I feel the Spirit of the LORD is saying:

“To those who have sown to the Spirit in 2016, prepare to reap; not only in 2017, but throughout 2017. The loved ones you have prayed for when you thought you were all alone will come to know the truth in 2017; for I have heard your cries for these lost souls. My mercy extends throughout the land.

My beloved who have sown spiritually into My Kingdom with prayer and fasting, know that My eyes see all: the just and the unjust; the godly and the ungodly. No creature, man or beast, is hidden from Me. Your prayers—your intercession—has reached My ears. The prayers of the godly are like sweet incense that fills My nose. You have sown in the dark, but will be blessed in the Light! Publicly shall you be blessed. You thought the many hours you’ve spent praying were in private, but I have heard your prayers, and now, get ready for a great move of My hand! For I Am a Rewarder of those who seek Me with their whole heart. Great blessing will be upon you in 2017!

To those who have been diligent and selfless in sowing financially into My Kingdom in 2016, you will see a great harvest and reward in the new year. Yes, prepare for it! For I will open the floodgates of Heaven over you! A great blessing shall be poured out that there will not be room enough to contain it all.

A great and mighty shield of protection will surround you from all sides. I dispatch My angels to watch over and guard you. Those who seek your demise will be turned back in shame. For I AM the LORD. I will fight for you. You need only be still.

Speak nothing that would stop what I AM doing on your behalf. Trust me to bring it to pass. For without faith, it is impossible to please Me.

Curses, be broken! Chains of bondage, loose My people! Sickness and disease, now go! All weapons formed against My people be cast into the lake of fire!

A new season is arriving. Your faithfulness—your stewardship—has been seen. Yes, I AM moving on your behalf. I AM doing a new thing. I place a new and fresh favor upon you. A favor you have not seen before. An everlasting favor shall be given unto you.

For each of the remaining days of your life, I will provide for you! Yes, I AM your Provider.





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