10 Signs of False Humility

10 Signs of False Humility

We all know the behavior: someone tries to sound humble...in the same breath that they’re putting someone else down. They make statements like, “I’m not saying I’m better than her, but…” Simply stated, false humility is a spirit of pride masquerading itself as humility.

So here are 10 signs that someone is operating in false humility:

1. They refuse to laugh at self when others do the joking.

2. They try to use a humble tone in their voice—while making prideful statements.

3. They will announce their own sacrifices in order to impress others.

4. They are usually holding a grudge against someone at all times.

5. They have a long history of judging others.

6. They enjoy turning a conversation around so that they can talk about themselves.

7. They prefer debate over dialogue.

8. They love to impose their opinion onto others as “The Truth.”

9. They’re often heard using the phrase, “I don’t want to put (name) down, but…”

10. They are quick to hold resentments and turn on the cold shoulder.


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