If you know that Innovative CWC can be of help, but still have questions, you are not alone. We have the answers to our most frequently asked questions below!


+ What does a typical consultation consist of?

No two consultations are alike because no two churches are alike. Every church has unique leadership, vision, giftings, and budget; so each consultation is also different. Ideally however, a church would first submit a completed Consultation Request Form. An ICWC consultant would then contact the church representative to set up a time for a phone interview (please allow 2-3 business days for a response). We’ll discuss the church’s vision, needs, goals, strength, budget, etc., and then formalize a date to either have a formal, on-site consultation, or consult over the phone (or via video conferencing).

+ Does ICWC have a particular area of expertise?

While we consult churches in all areas of church health, we do specialize in Worship, Teaching, and Visibility, as well as specialized teachings that tackle tough, internal issues which cripple many churches.

+ I’m a church member, but not a formal member of my church’s leadership team. Can I request a consultation on behalf of my church?

All consultations must be approved by the church’s Senior (or Lead) Pastor. Please consult with your Pastor prior to contacting ICWC.

+ Does ICWC solicit parishioner contact information of the churches it consults?

No. ICWC will not ask for any contact information from parishioners.

+ Does ICWC offer workshops for church departments and their volunteers?

We offer (and recommend) workshops for Worship Teams, Children's Ministry workers, Greeter Ministry, and Usher Ministry.

+ Does ICWC promote doctrinal beliefs that are contrary to our church’s beliefs?

At ICWC, we believe the Bible, plain and simple. With this said, any teaching communicated to the church, church leadership, or department heads with whom ICWC contracts will first be submitted to the church Pastor (or Pastor’s representative) for approval.

+ Does ICWC only do onsite consultations?

No, we can also consult via phone, email, and Skype.

+Are ICWC’s church clients typically smaller churches, or large churches?

We consult churches of all sizes and Christian denominations.

+ Can you provide references?

References will be provided upon request by Senior/Lead Pastor.


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