Does your church use the same platforms and information devices that your potential audience uses when searching for a church to attend in your area? Is your church presence visible in the e-community? 

No matter the institution or business, letting your community know that your organization is open for business takes more than occupying a building—and hoping that the people who drive by will make a mental note to consider visiting. Greater visibility is key in letting your community know that your church is alive and well.

Some of the ways that we can help churches increase visibility are:

WEBSITE DESIGN: Your church website is a crucial marketing tool for your community. And if your church website is outdated, lacking, or simply non-existent, what does that tell those who are looking for a church to attend? How will a family who is new in town and looking for a church ever find you? Our team of professional designers can assemble, develop, and update your website; show you how to add updates to it, and quickly get your church on the road to success. We can also help your church establish a timeless, eye-catching brand or logo.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Any business or organization looking to promote itself in the 21st century has to understand that social media is a must. It tells the world that your church is connected to the world outside of your church doors. We can train your staff on the best social media outlets, postings, editing and events promotions.

ADDITIONAL MARKETING TOOLS: There are many free or low-cost publicity vehicles to show not only your community that your church is alive and well, but can also keep your congregation informed. We’ll show you how to find them, and advise you of the best ones to promote your church.